Zoo paints donkey to look like zebra as "April Fool's joke"

Visitors to a zoo in Jiangsu province were befuddled last week when they arrived at the parks zebra enclosure.
One of the zebras on display was clearly just some donkey that had painted to look like its African cousin.
When asked by reporters about the imposter, the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou said that the donkey had painted as part of a special April Fools Day event.
The zoo said that it hoped this sort of activity would entertain and educate children, helping to teach them the differences between the two animals.

Back in 2018, a zoo in Cairo was accused of actually attempting to trick visitors by painting zebra stripes on a donkey.
A few years before that, a Henan zoo put a Tibetan mastiff in an African lion cage.



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