Auntie gets bitten by snake, beats it to death

A woman is being praised for the textbook way that she handled a snake bit.
Auntie Ding was out doing farmwork on the outskirts of Yangzhou in Jiangsu province when she was bitten on the finger by a venomous snake.
Wasting no time, Ding proceeded to beat the snake to death with her hoe and tie up her finger at its base to slow the venom spreading.
She then picked up the snakes body, put it in a bag, and rushed over to the hospital, showing doctors the animals body so that they could identify it.
And identify it they did, as a short-tailed pit viper. With that information, doctors were able to procure the correct antidote and administer it to Ding.

So, if you are ever bitten by a snake, just remember to follow the example of Auntie Ding.
Alternatively, if you are brave enough, you could also be like one woman from Zhejiang province who snatched a snake that had bitten her and took it with her alive to the hospital.



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