Boy starts exercising & crying after he's told he gained weight

While the coronavirus lockdown has not left most of us in peak physical shape, its not nice to be reminded of that.
Video has gone viral on Chinese social media of a young boy being told jokingly by a teacher during an online class that he is getting fat.
The kid insists that hes been exercising a lot before angrily turning off the call and furiously starting to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups while bursting out into tears in his room.
Eventually, he goes into the corner to cry.

The childs mom evidently thought the video of her sons mental breakdown merited being uploaded online, explaining that he may have gained a little weight during the lockdown but definitely isnt fat.
To us, the kid looks perfectly normal and should proud of getting more exercise in a few minutes than most of us have in months.



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