China throws serious shade at Trump with new video on Covid-19

China has put its considerable expertise in cartoon propaganda to use in a rather spiteful new video ridiculing the United States for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Entitled Once Upon A Virus, the two-minute-long piece takes the form of a back-and-forth between China and the US over the last four months with China being represented by a Terracotta Warrior and the US by the Statue of Liberty   incidentally, both characters bear a strong resemblance to LEGO figures.
Heres a sample of the dialogue:
China: We discovered a new virus.
America: So what?

China: Its dangerous
America: Its only a flu

China: Wear a mask
America: Dont wear a mask

China: Stay at home
America: Its violating human rights

China: Building temporary hospitals
America: Its a concentration camp

China: Built in 10 days
America: Show off!!!

The video was released by Chinas official Xinhua news agency as President Donald Trump continues to blame China and the WHO for the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed more than 62,000 people in the US.
While the dialogue in the Xinhua video is obviously very slanted and annoying, it is true that Trump has accused China of somehow not warning the US about the coronavirus despite his having tweeted back in January applauding Chinas government for its efforts to control the outbreak and its transparency.
He also said of the virus on February 27: Its going to disappear. One day its like a miracle, it will disappear.



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