Chinese Covid-19 vaccine proves effective in monkeys

While an approved human Covid-19 vaccine may still be a ways off, monkeys in China can at least enjoy a little peace of mind.
Chinese researchers have announced that an inactivated coronavirus vaccine, known as PiCoVacc, has shown promising results among a group of rhesus macaques.
The macaques were exposed to the coronavirus three weeks after some of them were given the vaccine. Those that were given the vaccine had lungs free of the virus while those that were not given the vaccine developed severe pneumonia, according to a report published on Wednesday in the Science journal.
These results are being touted as the worlds first animal trials for a coronavirus vaccine. Compared to rats, rhesus macaques are genetically similar to humans, giving hope that the vaccine will work on mankind as well.
The vaccine was made by Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech. Its one of at least four vaccines in China that have entered clinical trials.
Previously, Chinas CDC director estimated that a vaccine may be ready for emergency use by as early as September.



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