City in Jilin province goes into lockdown after local outbreak

While most of China is trying to return to normal after months of fighting the coronavirus outbreak, another city has now gone into lockdown.
Residents of the city of Shulan, located in Chinas northeastern Jilin province have been ordered to remain inside their communities and villages. Gates are once again being guarded with only one family member being allowed out to purchase necessities each day.
Meanwhile, all non-essential transport into and out of the city has banned with dozens of train services halted and public transportation suspended.
Students who had only recently returned to school have been ordered to stay home. All public and entertainment venues have been ordered closed, only days after they were allowed to be reopened.

This all comes after a 45-year-old laundry worker spread the Covid-19 virus to her husband and other family members. In total, she has spread the virus to at least 11 people, the largest single coronavirus spread reported in China in months.
Its unclear how the woman actually caught the virus in the first place. She has no recent travel history and has not been exposed to anyone known to be infected.
Over the weekend, Shulan became the only city in China to raise its highest-level of epidemic alert though surrounding areas are now following suit to prevent a second wave from emerging.



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