Cleaners fined if there's more than 5g of dust per square meter

If you ever think your bosses are asking way too much of you, spare a thought for the street sweepers of Xian.
Recently, sanitation inspectors were spotted at work on the streets of the Shaanxi capital, ensuring that workers are not slacking off.
To do this, they measure out 1-square-meter of space on a sidewalk, crosswalk, or on the side of the street and then use a brush to collect dust.
If the dust collected weighs more than 5 grams, then the workers assigned to the area may be fined with the money taken out of their already meager salaries.

Considering these standards, one worker told reporters that almost all of her colleagues have been fined. She said that she has been fined three times for 60 yuan ($8.40).
An inspection officer said that the rules were needed in order to guard against laziness among the street sweepers.



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