Coronavirus found in semen of Covid-19 patients

To give you something else to worry about at night, the coronavirus has been found in mens semen.
Chinese researchers at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in Henan province discovered evidence of coronavirus in the semen of six out of the 38 men that they surveyed, according to a study published last week in the JAMA Network Open medical journal.
Its important to note that this does not necessarily mean the Covid-19 virus can be sexually transmitted, though it does open up that possibility.
While you might think that there are more likely ways that the highly-infectious virus could be passed from person to person during sex than through sperm, that brings us to the second troubling revelation from the study.
Of the six men with coronavirus in their semen, two of them were recovering from the virus. Its uncertain for how long the virus may remain in a previously infected mans cum.
The Covid-19 virus is hardly unique in this regard. In the past, many infectious viruses, like Zika and Ebola, have been found in semen even months after the infection and while the man is exhibiting no symptoms.



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