Dancing auntie deliberately trips kid playing on her turf

Over the years, Chinas notorious dancing aunties have battled everyone from basketball players to government officials to defend their space and pastime, now they are going up against children.
Video from a public square in the city of Chengdu shows a couple of kids riding their scooters in the middle of a group of dancing aunties preparing to boogie.
Evidently unhappy with this disruption, the lead auntie is seen sticking her foot out to deliberately trip one of the kids as he rides by, sending the poor kid to the ground.

Video of that trip has been sent to local police who said that while no complaint had been filed, they were now checking into the situation.
Netizens are calling for the auntie to be harshly punished. A public square is not a dance hall. You dont own it! writes one.



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