Doctor breaks ribs during operation, stands back up & continues

An incident at a hospital in Hebei province has prompted Chinese netizens to once again decry the pressure being placed on medical professionals.
In video from an operation room at the Dingzhou Peoples Hospital, Doctor Lu Yan slips and takes a tumble while operating on a patient.
Lu told reporters that he felt great pain after the fall but felt he had to endure for the sake of the patient and remained standing for another hour until the surgery was complete.
Afterward, Lu put on a brave face and pretended that nothing was wrong but secretly went off to another hospital where he was found to have two broken ribs.
When they eventually found out about his injury, Lus colleagues tried to persuade him to go home to rest and recuperate but he would hear none of it, arguing that as head of the hospitals trauma department if he took time off that would mean additional work for others.

While some Weibo users have praised Lu for his devotion to his work and patients, others have protested that Lu should not be held up as role model, arguing that doctors are human as well and should be treated as such.
The issue came to the forefront earlier this year during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in China when a number of doctors started dropping dead from overwork.
One doctor in Nanjing died suddenly from exhaustion after working for 18 days straight. She was called a role model for other medics by the local government.



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