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What do you think of the Tang Dynasty?How did foreigners live in China at that time?On May 18, the "Sog in the Tang Dynasty-Special Exhibition of Tang Dynasty Cultural Relics in Luoyang Museum" jointly organized by Changsha Museum and Luoyang Museum was held in Changsha Museum.


This exhibition is divided into three parts: "There are visitors on the Silk Road", "Live in Tang Dynasty", and "Here is my hometown". A total of 116 pieces (sets) of cultural relics from the Tang Dynasty in Luoyang Museum are exhibited this time. It showed the open and inclusive spirit of the Tang Dynasty.

Sogdiana, also known as Sogdia, was an ancient Iranian civilization in Asia that existed from 6th century BC to 11th century AD.The Silk Road was very important for Sogdiana, and its two major cities Samarkand and Bukhara were both located along this trading route.Even before Samarkand and Bukhara turned into cities, the Sogdians were heavily involved in commercial activities along the Silk Road. Sogdian merchants was not an uncommon sight at major markets in China. It is considered by many Chinese and foreign scholars to be one of the most active and mysterious people in ancient Central Asia. They are world-famous for being good at doing business, and have long acted as a "middleman" on the Silk Road.


The first part of this exhibition, "There are Visitors on the Silk Road", reproduces the scene of the prosperous trade between China and foreign countries by displaying a large number of Hu figurines and camel figurines. Through the epitaph of Anpu, it depicts the story of his family coming to emporiem Tang.

The second part is "Living in Datang". It shows that after the Sogdian entered China, they actively participated in the political and economic life of the Tang Dynasty. 

The third part "here is my hometown". In terms of funeral culture, the Sogdians still maintain theit traditional customs.

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Time: May 18-August 23

(Closed on Mondays, except for national holidays)

Venue: Hall 2, Special Exhibition, 2nd Floor, Changsha Museum

Cost: free to open




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