Family discovers nanny suffocated their elderly mother to death

After reviewing some surveillance tape, a family discovered that their mothers death was not as peaceful as they had supposed.
The family had hired a nanny, surnamed Yu, to look after their 83-year-old mother, surnamed Chen, who had difficulty moving around because of her old age and illness.
Yu started working at their home in Liyang, Jiangsu province on April 25 and everything was going fine until Yu said that she had found Chen dead in bed on May 2.
At first, the family suspected nothing. Chens oldest son was even grateful to Yu for helping him make arrangements following his mothers death.
However, one family member did become suspicious and decided to review security footage from Chens room.
In the footage, they watched as Yu used a pillow to smother Chen until she stopped moving.

The security cam had been installed because Chen had complained about mistreatment from a previous nanny. Yu did not know about the camera.
Police have now detained Yu and launched an investigation into the incident.
One of Chens daughters told reporters that they would have all been extremely grateful to Yu, had it not been for the footage.



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