Guangdong bridge reopens after rippling in the wind last week

A bridge has reopened in Guangdong province after freaking everyone out by swaying up and down in the wind.
The Humen Bridge, which spans over the Pearl River connecting Guangzhou and Dongguan, was shut down last week after moving like a wave while supporting heavy traffic.

Local authorities blamed the swaying on vortexes of wind hitting the bridge. Safety checks were carried out that found no structural damage.
Experts also reassured the public that suspension bridges are designed to be flexible. So there was nothing really to worry about.
Still, just to be on the safe side, some anti-vibration measures have taken, including the installation of water tanks to increase the bridges weight and an airflow-suppressing board outside the bridges guardrails.
The bridge reopened to traffic at 9 am on Friday. For the moment, large trucks and buses are prohibited.



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