Hangzhou kids wear social distancing wings to school

Another school in Hangzhou has thought up a creative way of reminding kids of the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.
On Monday morning, children at the primary school showed up to class wearing colorful 1-meter-long wings across their backs.
The wings were all designed and made by the students themselves, with some help from their parents.
A teacher explained that the assignment had two goals: to remind students to keep their distance from one another and to teach them the concept of the length of a meter.

While most students chose cute, colorful designs of feathers and stars, one boy took the assignment very seriously, theming his wings with educational material about how to avoid catching the Covid-19 virus.

The 1-meter wings come a few weeks after another primary school in Hangzhou had their students design 1-meter hats for the same purpose.

That hat concept was later picked up by a Hunan scenic spot.



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