Im not a gold digger, woman says

A woman has been forced to clarify that a BMW is hers after her boyfriend was filmed trying to throw her in the trunk of the car.
Footage from the side of a street in the city of Xian on May 9 shows a man kicking and slapping a woman behind a BMW after picking her up and trying to dump her in the trunk.
The person filming the scene from the other side of the street shouts for the man to stop but reportedly the harassment went on for 15 minutes before he finally forced the woman into the passengers seat and drove away.

On Chinese social media, many were horrified by the footage but some were less than sympathetic for the woman, accusing her of being a gold digger () for not immediately coming forward.
While the woman did not initially report the incident to the police, after the footage went viral, her friends and family convinced her to file a report.
To refute internet rumors, the woman also spoke to a reporter.
I am not the gold digger that they are calling me online. The BMW is my own, she said. When the police contacted me on May 9, I didnt respond because my boyfriend threatened to kill me.
Their fight reportedly started when she tried to break up with him. Police are now investigating.



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