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2020512International Nurses Day)

Florence Nightingale

In our lives,

there are angels

dressed in a white coat.

They are always hard-working at the hospital,

to give warmth and help the patients.

They are the "Nightingale" around us.

In the hospital,

they are busy and efficient.

Each task they worked on seemed ordinary.

But also related to the health and safety of every patient.

Not long ago,

a sudden outbreak of COVID-19,

make us feel their fearlessness.

In the face of aging virus,

They all become warriors.

They were on the front lines of the fight 

against the epidemic.

It's not just heavy workload,

there is also the risk of infection

in front of them,

they never give up.

In the mobile cabin hospitals,

these angels become the lead-dancer

and mental consultant,

to help the patients 

recover from the disease.

And when they take off their protective clothing,

so much sweat had soaked the back of their garment,

The goggles cut deep scar into their face.

Some people say,

this is "the symbol of an angel."





In this national battle against the epidemic,

they play a crucial role in this war.

Of the 42,600 medical workers in Hubei,

Nearly 70 percent are the nurses,

The post-80s and post-90s 

account for 90% of the total number of nurses.

The youthful nurses in white

become the backbone to win the war.

Thanks to their efforts,

most of us can stay healthy in this epidemic.





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