Is it still necessary to wear masks all day in low-risk areas?



The joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council hold a press conference on May 17th . At the meeting, some media asked whether it is necessary to wear masks all day in lowrisk areas.

Feng Luzhao, a researcher from China CDC, who said that we can follow the principle of not wearing masks when the ventilation conditions are good, and also the social distance can be kept relatively safe.

According to Mr. Feng, we can take off our masks in the following two situations:

First, there is no need to wear a mask on the streets with fewer people in outdoor parks, including the playground. When you are doing strenuous exercises, you have to take off your mask.

Second, there is no need to wear masks in such low-risk areas, where no new epidemic cases have been reported in the near future; and masks are not required when offices, meeting rooms, construction sites and schools can maintaincertain ventilation conditions and relatively safe social distance.

At the same time, Mr. Feng pointed that there are three situations in which it is recomm\n

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