Jilin students leave school as lockdown goes back into effect

You may not find a group of kids sadder to leave school than in the city of Jinan.
The city, located in the northeastern province of the same name, has gone into lockdown again amid the spread of a new coronavirus cluster that has infected at least seven people.
Places that were only recently reopened have closed once again, including schools.
This came as disheartening news to middle school and high school seniors in the city who are preparing for their ultra-important entrance examinations to their next level of education.
Videos posted onto Chinese social media show students trying to encourage each other to stay positive with chants as they leave a late-night study session at their school, shouting out slogans like: I control my own life! and We must always move forward on the road to success!

Its unclear when the students will be able to return to school. For now, they will have to make do with online classes.
The gaokao has been pushed back because of the coronavirus outbreak but they are still left with only about 50 days to prepare.



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