Kids return to school wearing adorable social distancing hats

Our favorite fashion trend of the year continues to sweep primary schools across the nation as students don headwear that is both ancient-inspired and practical for the modern day.

Second and third-graders at a school in the city of Baotou in Inner Mongolia showed up to class this week wearing homemade hats designed to promote social distracting among their peers.

The one-meter hats not only work to encourage kids to stay safe from the coronavirus by keeping their distance from another, they also look adorable.

Some students also donned one-meter wings.

The fashion trend began at a school in Hangzhou in April but can be said to date back all the way to the Song dynasty (9601279).

Back then, Emperor Taizu designed hats with long flaps sticking out from either side to prevent officials from whispering to one another during court assemblies.



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