Kindergarten teacher teaches her students to gush over pop idol

Video showing a kindergarten teacher instructing her students to sing the praises of a Chinese pop idol and herself has recently stirred up online anger in China.
In the clips, the teacher practices a call-and-response with her students. It goes like this:
Teacher: Who is Jiajias boyfriend?
Students: Wang Junkai!

Teacher: Who is the most handsome? 
Students: Wang Junkai!

Teacher: Who is the most beautiful?
Students: You are the most beautiful!

Teacher: Who has money?
Students: I have money!

Teacher: Who do you give it to spend?
Students: I give it to you!

Wang Junkai is one part of Chinas biggest boy band, TFBoys. Since 2013, he has been the countrys top teen idol (though he did finally turn 20 last year).

The video soon became one of the hottest topics of the week on Weibo, sparking outrage from many netizens who argued that kindergarten teachers ought to be instilling better values in children than pop idol worship.
A kindergarten in Xiayi county, Henan province was identified as the setting for the video.
On Thursday, the kindergarten principal told reporters that the video was an old one and that the teacher involved had been fired in 2017 after working there for only a month.



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