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The smart bus can "interact" with the traffic lights; 

By monitoring the blinking frequency, it can see whether the driver is sleepy; 

The smart taxis drive automatically ... 

Follow us and take a look at the "smartest" car in Changsha!



What are the highlights of smart buses? It can "interact" with the traffic lights!"Public transportation has priority, and the red light time is shortened by 8 seconds." When the smart bus line 315 passed the intersection of Tianding Street, a reminder broadcast was issued on the bus.Zhang Kua, Minister of Commerce of the Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute, introduced to passengers that when smart buses pass through intersections, they can interact with traffic lights. "If the road section is not crowded, or there is a large number of passengers on the bus, and the vehicle is delayed, the length of the traffic lights will be automatically adjusted at this time, and the bus will be given priority on the basis of not affecting the normal traffic of other directions." At the same time, there are driver assistance systems such as driver behavior monitoring, panoramic intelligent system, lane departure warning and anti-collision warning on the 315 smart bus line. "We can monitor the driver's blink frequency to determine his fatigue level. If the driver makes a phone call or turns his head sharply, the vehicle will also issue an early warning. In this way, the safety of the vehicle can be effectively improved."




On the roadside, Robotaxi self-driving taxis lined up. Their roof is equipped with a lidar, two GPS antennas and nine cameras with different focal lengths.

Each car was equipped with a safety officer and a tester. "In the process of automatic driving, if a problem or malfunction occurs, we can take over the car as soon as possible." The safety officer said.

Unlike ordinary vehicles, Robotaxi is equipped with high technology. The electronic tablet in front shows real-time electronic modeling, and nearby vehicles and pedestrians will be displayed on the screen in real time.

419 Robotaxi;430

On April 19th, Robotaxi self-driving taxis opened a test ride to citizens of Changsha, and used the Baidu map or Baidu applet to make a car-hailing experience. 

On April 30, the first smart bus line in China opened to the public was officially launched in Changsha.



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