Locals shed tears for illegally fished 20 kg carp

Residents of one Chongqing neighborhood are getting misty-eyed talking about their long-time companion that has disappeared and is assumed abducted and eaten.
That companion was a 1-meter-long carp, weighing about 20 kilograms, that had been swimming around Dadukou park for more than a decade.
Named Mangzi, the large fish was the star of the park and locals had always delighted in coming around to feed their old friend.
Mangzis tragic disappearance certainly appears to be connected to four people entering the park late one evening last week and fishing in the pond with a big net before making off with a sack full of fish, as seen in security footage.
Fishing is, of course, not allowed in the park.

A number of those who frequent the park were brought to tears when talking to reporters about Mangzi.
After feeding him for 10 years and now not seeing him our hearts are broken, one elderly local said with tears in his eyes.



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