Male bullies filmed gleefully beating up 12-year-old girl

A brutal beating of a young girl by a laughing group of boys has recently shocked and horrified the Chinese internet.
In video footage filmed by a bystander, three boys are seen harassing and attacking a girl who tells them off but does not fight back.
The girl is surrounded, slapped, and tripped to the ground multiple times where the boys then assail her with kicks with smiles on their faces.

The footage was widely circulated this week on WeChat before also going viral on Weibo.
It was reportedly filmed on May 25 in Lufeng county, Yunnan province soon after school let out. The boys are said to 14 or 15 years old while the girl is only 12.
On Thursday, local police confirmed that the incident did occur. They said that the boys had apologized to the girl and that the incident is now under investigation.
The boys will reportedly be punished by the school but no details have yet been released.Chinese netizens have called for the bullies to severely punished, charging that an apology doesnt cut it in this kind of situation.
Let the girl beat them up, then they can apologize, writes one.



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