Man admits he stole, cooked, ate black swan from park

A man in Zhejiang province has explained to police that in taking, cooking, and eating a black swan from a local park, his main motive was revenge.
On April 29, a park keeper told police that one of the four black swans that had resided for years at Jade Lake in the city of Jinhua was missing.
Police looked at surveillance camera footage and identified the culprit as a man surnamed Wu.
When questioned, Wu confessed, explaining to police that he had taken his wife and kid to play at the park and, for a bit of fun, had teased the swan, causing it to peck him.
Angry, Wu snatched the bird, took it back home, cooked it, and had it for dinner that night as part of a stew.
The black swan meat isnt tasty but it does smell very fragrant, he said about the meal.

Back in 2017, two men in Shanghai also discovered that black swans dont taste very good after stealing one from a park to take home and eat.
They were also arrested thanks to surveillance footage. Black swans are under second-class protection in China, not that it does them much good.



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