Man buries his paralyzed mother alive

A man reportedly tried to bury his paralyzed mother alive because he was tired of her stinking up the house.
The case was one of the biggest topics on Chinese social media on Wednesday after coming to light in Shaanxis Jingbian county.
Local police told reporters that the man, surnamed Ma, had pulled his 79-year-old mother from the bed and put her onto a cart at around 8 pm on May 2.
He was then spotted returning home alone at 2 am that morning by family members who asked him about his moms whereabouts. He told them he had taken her to the bus station and put her on a bus to visit relatives.
Suspicious, the family went together to the bus stop to investigate. By 4 am, Ma had split from the group and disappeared.
On Tuesday morning, police found Ma. Upon interrogation, he confessed to pushing his mother into a nearby forest and discarding her in an empty grave there.
Incredibly, the elderly woman was still alive when she was found by police.
Video shows a pair of men pulling her out from a hole in the ground after hearing faint sounds coming from within. She was taken to the hospital and is not in any life-threatening danger.

Meanwhile, Ma has been arrested and faces murder charges.
On Thursday, more information was revealed about the case including Mas specific motivation.
He reportedly told police that his mother often suffered from incontinence and caused his home to stink, causing him great psychological pressure.
Its also been reported that Ma may be mentally ill and that evaluations are being carried out.
Police have also clarified that Ma did not literally shovel dirt onto his mom in burying her alive but instead put her into a hollowed-out grave as seen in videos from the scene. A fact which allowed her to survive for days.



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