Man returns after 7 months to find plants have taken over flat

A man claims to have returned home to his apartment in Hubei province after seven months away to find the place overgrown with vines.
The apartment owner says that he was first away on business and then wasnt able to return home because of the coronavirus outbreak.
While he was gone, his brother took care of his two potted plants and that brother evidently has quite the green thumb.
Footage from the apartment shows vines growing all around the walls of the living room. The man says he has no plans of trimming the foliage.

Chinese netizens are amazed and bewildered by the story, wondering if it is really possible for a plant to grow so much in only seven months and how the guys brothers managed the feat.
Ive had four plants die in the last seven months, what is your brothers secret? asked one netizen.



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