Missing son abducted 32 years ago finally reunited with parents

A man was reunited with his family on Monday after more than three decades apart.
Mao Yin was abducted from the entrance of a hotel in the Shaanxi capital of Xian in 1988 when he was only two years old.
His mom, Li Jingzhi, quit her job and headed up an effort to find her kidnapped son, sending out more than 100,000 flyers.
While Li wasnt able to track down her own son, she joined with other volunteers and helped to provide police with information that has lead to 29 abducted children being reunited with their families.
A break in the case finally occurred this April when Xian police were tipped off about a man in neighboring Sichuan province who had allegedly paid 6,000 yuan ($850) to adopt a child from Xian many years ago.
Using an old photo of Mao as a baby, police were able to create a simulated image of what he may look like as an adult. In the city of Mianyang, they tracked down a man who bore a striking resemblance to that image.
A DNA test confirmed that he was the missing Mao Yin.

For 32 years, Mao had been living under the assumption that his name was Gu Ningning and had no clue that his parents were searching for him.

He told reporters that he remembers once seeing his mom on the news about six years, holding up a photograph that he thought looked like him  but he never suspected it was actually him.
The family was reunited at the Xian public security bureau on Monday. In footage from that reunion, Li cries: I dont want him to leave me anymore. I wont let him leave me anymore.
Mao has said that he is not sure what he will do now. He plans to stay in Xian with his parents for a few weeks before returning to Sichuan to deal with matters there and figure out the next step.

With boys being a coveted prize, especially in rural areas of China, sadly, stories like that of Mao and his family are not uncommon in the Middle Kingdom.
While there are no official statistics on the number of children that have been kidnapped over the years, Chinas Ministry of Public Security says that more than 6,300 kids who were abducted have been reunited with their families via DNA tests since 2019.



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