Over 900 kg of crayfish spilled onto Hunan highway

Another week, another tragic crayfish spill on the highway in China.
A driver was overtaking another vehicle on an expressway in Hunan province on Monday when he turned too sharply causing his truck to overturn and hundreds of tiny crustaceans to be scattered out across the road.
In total, more than 900 kg of crayfish was spilled off the truck. In footage from the scene, the little critters can be seen crawling around as expressway workers try to sweep them back into crates.

Chinese netizens lamented that they had not been nearer to the accident so that they could have grabbed a drive-thru meal.
Last month, another crayfish highway spill made the news with 750 kg of the animals being scattered out on another Hunan expressway.
In that case, workers managed to gather up most of the tasty creatures with the trucks owner estimating his losses at only around 2,000 yuan.



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