Scam artist leaps onto car so hard that he breaks the windshield

A scammer in Xian has impressed and appalled recently with the flying leap he made straight onto a stationary vehicle.
Dashcam footage shows the guy run and jump onto the front of the car waiting at a traffic light with such force that he manages to crack the windshield.
He then proceeds to sit on the hood of the vehicle for a moment to have a think as the driver yells at him. The guy appears to contemplate making another jump before finally walking away as the driver blows his horn.

The man assumedly hoped to fake an accident and scam some money out of the driver. However, his plans were foiled by the dashcam.
In China there a word for such fraud, pengci (), which literally translates to porcelain bumping. Pengci practitioners are famous across the country for their lack of fear and moral scruples, trying the trick even on cop cars.

And while naked.



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