Scooter drivers pass by man burning to death on Guangdong street

A man who was killed after setting himself on fire in the street of a Guangdong city has ignited another online debate in China about coming to strangers aid.
Video from the scene on Thursday morning in the city of Zhanjiang shows a man standing by the side of the road covered in flames that are shooting up to twice his height.
Another clip filmed by another person shows the man lying on the road, still covered in flames, as multiple people ride past on their scooters with barely a look in his direction  apparently they had places to go.
A security guard then approaches with a fire extinguisher and manages to put out the blaze.
You can watch the video below, viewer discretion is advised:

Local police have identified the man as a scrap collector. They say that he lit himself on fire accidentally with alcohol while sitting on the roadside.
By the time that emergency responders arrived on the scene the man had no vital signs.
On Weibo, the horrifying video clips have sparked another discussion on Chinas good Samaritan spirit, or lack thereof.
In the few seconds of footage, several people pass by the burning man without doing anything to help. Presumably, many more did the same thing before one of the bystanders decided to start filming from a car.
However, some netizens argue that the passersby should be excused because they would not have been able to help in the situation anyway.
What are they supposed to do, spit on him? wrote one Weibo user.
They also point out that one bystander did, in fact, try to come to the rescue, taking action before emergency responders arrived.



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