Shanghai Disneyland reopens

The happiest place in Pudong reopened to visitors on Monday after a more than three-month coronavirus-caused closure.
Limited tickets for Shanghai Disneylands reopening days sold out almost immediately after going on sale online on Friday morning.
To be allowed inside, visitors have to present their health QR codes and have their temperature checked. Inside the park, they have to keep their face masks on at all times except when they are eating and socially distance from one another.
The theme park has been limited to at-most 30 percent capacity which has had the benefit of significantly reducing crowds and wait times. Visitors reportedly have to stand in line for only five to 10 minutes to get on any ride.
While the majority of Shanghai Disneylands attractions are open, some interactive attractions and experiences, like childrens play areas, remain closed for the time being along with theater shows, parades, and the nightly fireworks display.
You also wont be able to get close-up photos with any of the characters, though they will be around to greet guests and you can take selfies from a safe distance away.

The rest of Disneys parks around the world remain closed and have not yet announced any plans for opening back up. Shanghai Disneylands reopening will serve as sort of a test case for how other large theme parks may respond worldwide.

Ultimately, the reopening seems like it should dispel any lingering doubts about tourists hesitating to return back to the crowds and congestion of relative normalcy.



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