Shanghai International Film Festival postponed but not canceled

Unsurprisingly, the Shanghai International Film Festival wont be held next month.
Chinas oldest and most prestigious cinema festival was originally scheduled to be held on June 13 but has become the latest high-profile event to fall victim to the coronavirus outbreak.
In a statement, the festivals organizing committee vowed that the 23rd SIFF would not be scrapped altogether but held at a later date.
Despite the impact of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparations for 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival have progressed steadily thanks to the generous support and deep engagement of the entire film community at home and abroad, the committee said.
We are deeply grateful for what youve done for us, and we hereby apologize for any inconveniences caused by the postponement. The new dates for the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival will be announced as soon as possible.
If the festival had gone on as scheduled it might have become the only place in China where you could watch a movie.
While coronavirus-inspired restrictions are being loosened across China and many entertainment venues are once again welcoming guests, cinemas have still yet to open back up in the country. So far, the China Film Administration has yet to announce when movie-goers will be able to return to theaters.



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