Shanghai maid mansion shut down for failing fire safety

Dozens of maids are now out of work in Shanghai after their mansion was shut down for violating fire safety regulations.
The so-called maid mansion was an entertainment venue located on East Jiangwan Road in Shanghais Hongkou district which featured an assortment of young female internet stars dressed up as maids there to greet guests and act as hostesses, serving them snacks and playing board games with them.
While you might be able to think of a number of reasons why this establishment would be forcibly closed, it turns out that the places fatal flaw was its single staircase, according to a report from The Paper.

The mansion went into business without authorization from the districts fire department which conducted an investigation and found that a villa of its size required multiple staircases to ensure the safety of patrons.
In one photo, officials are seen taping a seal over the mansions front entrance.

Surely, this will be sad news for the mansions loyal customer base. The place held a sterling 5-star rating on Dianping.

Heres some more photos from the place:



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