Shanghai quarantine hotel destroys students belongings

A Chinese student returning from studying abroad in Italy has turned to social media after having his possessions destroyed by a Shanghai hotel while he was in the hospital.
In a Weibo post, the student writes that he landed at the airport in Shanghai on March 17 and was put into 14-day quarantine at the Keya International Hotel Shanghai in Pudong.
On March 23, he began developing fever symptoms. Before being taken to the hospital, he says that a hotel staff member told him that he would only need to take his phone and that the hotel would take care of the rest of his belongings.
After recovering on April 3, he contacted the hotel to pick up his luggage, only to be told that his belongings had been destroyed.
Among those items lost included his passport, postgraduate admission documents, 1,500 euros in cash, and an iPad with 140 illustrations that had not been backed up, constituting one years worth of work.
In a conversation over text, an individual from the hotel expresses sympathy for what happened but says that what is done is done, blaming the mishap on hotel workers being overworked and nervous.
On April 23, the hotel informed the student that it would not be compensating him for his lost belongings because their value could not be estimated. They then stopped replying to his messages.
The student then decided to bring the case to the court of social media where netizens have flocked to his side, bombarding the Keya hotel with 1-star reviews.



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