Shanghais very own Hanging Gardens are set to be completed

Absent from the world for more than 2,500 years, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are reportedly scheduled to reopen soon along the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai.
The Tianan Sunshine Plaza real estate project has earned comparisons to the mythical gardens of Babylons Nebuchadnezzar II thanks to its leafy and vertical design.
It first drew notice when construction began in 2017 in Putuo district off the artsy Moganshan Road on the site of the old Fufeng Flour Factory, formerly the largest and most modern factory in East Asia.
Despite comparisons with one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the project was actually inspired by Chinas Yellow Mountain, according to its London-based architect Thomas Heatherwick.
Dubbing it 1,000 Trees, Heatherwick has said that the whole thing was conceived not as a building but as a piece of topography.
The multi-use complex, which will boast everything from shops to restaurants to hotels to museums to art galleries to high-end residences, had been scheduled to open up in late 2019 but that obviously didnt happen.
report from The Paper this week states that the project is set to be completed soon, without providing any more specifics other than just drone footage:

Heres what its supposed to look like when all is said and done:



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