Shanxi province to start fining and shaming public spitters

It may have taken a devastating virus pandemic but the province of Shanxi is finally doing something about public spitting.
Those who spit in public places and refuse to clean up their sputum will face fines of between 100 ($14) to 500 yuan ($70) in the province, according to a new regulation passed by Shanxis legislature.
The new law, which goes into effect on June 1, instructs spitters to wrap up their saliva in tissue paper before throwing it in the trash. Coughers and sneezers are also asked to cover up their mouths and noses while those suffering from infectious respiratory diseases are required to wear masks when going out.
Those who catch fellow citizens breaking these rules can earn a reward by reporting them to the proper authorities.
Along with fines, violators will also be publicly shamed and the infraction will go down on their public social credit report.
Public spitting in China sometimes appears as common as public breathing. While Shanxis new regulations certainly appear well-intentioned, it remains to be seen if they will be at all effective.
Over the years, many different localities have tried to stop the practice of spitting. All have failed.



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