Taipei clubs refuse to let in foreigners

Several nightclubs in Taipei have sparked cries of discrimination for forcing foreigners to show their passports to gain entry.
A sign posted at the entrance of a popular nightclub on Songshou Road in Taipeis Xinyi district reads:
Due to recent government regulations concerning Covid-19 flu and for your own health and safety, all non-Taiwanese citizens who wish to enter will be required to present their passport.

The photo of the sign was posted to the Facebook group Taiwan Foreigner Legal Alliance on Sunday by a woman who says that she and her friends were barred from entering the club despite showing the doorman their Alien Residence Certificates (ARCs).

They were told that only their passports would suffice, not something you generally bring along while clubbing. Meanwhile, Taiwanese patrons were let in after showing their Taiwan ID cards.
Another popular nightclub in Taipeis Daan district enacted similar restrictions, stating in guidelines posted on social media that all foreign guests must present actual passport.

The nightclub has since told Taiwan News that the policy was a mistake and that foreigners would also be able to show their gain entry.

This all comes one week after a restaurant in Taipeis Xinyi district was exposed for putting up a notice saying that foreigners would not be allowed to dine-in because of coronavirus restrictions, resulting in a barrage of complaints and bad reviews.
The restrictions are oddly timed considering that Taiwan began barring foreigners from entry way back on March 19 with few exceptions.
Only 15 of Taiwans 432 total confirmed coronavirus cases have been foreign nationals and the last time a foreigner was diagnosed with the disease in Taiwan was March 25.



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