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Recently, many colleges and universities in Hunan have announced the return time of the spring semester. Just now, Hunan University and Central South University announced the return notices for the spring semester of 2020.


Hunan University s return to school for spring semester 2020Notice
In accordance with the spirit of the notice of the higher department on the start of the spring semester, combined with the epidemic prevention and control situation, the school is scheduled to start on May 14, 2020. 
Undergraduates and graduates of graduated students can return to school upon application. The time and requirements for returning to school are notified to each student by the Student Work Department and various colleges. The time for other students to return to school will be notified in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control situation. Students who have received the notice of returning to school should make relevant preparations as required, and protect themselves on the way back to school.
Hunan UniversityMay 11, 2020




Notice of Central South University on the return of teachers and students to the school in the spring semester of 2020

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Hunan Province, Changsha City, etc. on the start of the spring semester of the university, the school has formulated the overall plan for the start of the spring semester in 2020, and reported it to the Changsha City Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and the Ministry of Education.

1. From May 12, all faculty and staff will return to work in batches, and the conditions and specific arrangements for returning to school shall be implemented in accordance with the notice requirements of the Personnel Office.

2. From May 16th to 17th, the 2020 graduates who must go to school to complete the graduation thesis (design) or clinical internship tasks, and medical students who must currently undertake the task of training will return to school to register. Each second-level college will notify each student of the conditions and specific requirements for returning to school, and other students will be notified of the time for returning to school in batches. Students who have not received the notice of returning to school shall not return to school.

3. The start time of continuing education students who need to study at the school will be notified by the School of Continuing Education. Teachers and students outside the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) will not return to school at the present.

Central South University

May 11, 2020

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