To play with friend downstairs, kid jumps from 5th-floor balcony

After being locked up alone at home, one 6-year-old boy decided to make his escape by copying something he had seen while watching cartoons.
Equipped with umbrella, the boy leaped from the balcony of his familys 5th-floor apartment in the Hunan capital of Changsha in order to go play with his friend downstairs.
Unfortunately, the kid learned the hard way that gravity works differently in real life, landing with a thud on the ground below.
The impact resulted in multiple broken bones including of his right fibula.

On Weibo, Chinese netizens have declared that television isnt to blame for this broken leg.
Cartoons are not the problem. It is the parents that are the problem! wrote one.
Hes six years old and you leave him home alone?! asked another.



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