Toddler hangs by her wrist leash after elevator door closes

While parents in China are known to put their kids on leashes to keep them safe, the exact opposite thing happened recently at a Hubei apartment building.
In surveillance video, a 2-year-old girl is seen waiting in an elevator for her family with a rope fastened around her wrist.
However, the elevator door closes before they arrive and with the end of the little girls leash still outside the elevator.
As the elevator goes down, the girl is quickly pulled to the top of the door by her wrist.
Luckily, the elevators emergency stop mechanism was triggered, preventing serious injury. Still, the scared child was kept suspended for more than 100 seconds until the leash was finally broken and she landed back on the floor.

The community property manager told reporters that the family had three children and had put the toddler on a leash bracelet on the toddler to keep her safe.
After the elevator door closed, they called the management office for help and the little girl was successfully rescued.



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