Toddler trapped in package locker after older sister closes door

A toddler recently got an extreme scare at a package pick-up center in the Jiangxi city of Ganzhou.
The 1-year-old boy was playing with his 4-year-old sister while their mom was busy retrieving a package. The little guy proceeded to climb into one of the empty package lockers while his sister closed the door behind him.
For the next 10 minutes, the toddler could only cry loudly while his distraught mother tried to comfort him from outside until firefighters managed to break him out with a crowbar.
The mom quickly grabs her son as he comes out of the dark locker, holding him with tears in her eyes and telling him that everything is alright.

The boy was not hurt in the incident though we would imagine that he will be dealing with nightmares. No word on if his sister received any punishment.



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