Tourist grabs and pins peacock for photo at Kunming zoo

With Chinese tourists being loosed back upon the world following the coronavirus lockdown, peacocks have been ripped from their time of peace and solitude.
Cell phone footage from earlier this month shows one female tourist aggressively pursuing a peacock for a picture at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming.
In the video, the woman grabs the bird and pushes it to the ground while turning back to pose for a photo with her face mask down.
As the peacock struggles to get away from the tourists grasp, the womans young daughter looks to lend her mom a hand by stomping on the poor animals tail. Frightened, the peacock finally manages to wriggle free.
The park says that following the incident it educated the tourists about proper behavior.

It was at this very same zoo in 2016 that two peacocks were frightened to death by tourists who picked them up for photos and picked their feathers for souvenirs.
However, the Yunnan Wild Animal Park is far from the only place in China that suffers from lax peacock protection. In the last few years, peacocks have been plucked by greedy tourists in BeijingHebei, and Yangzhou.



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