Tourists disillusioned by the reality of "Sky Mirror"

Tourists have loudly been airing their disappointment at a so-called Sky Mirror at a scenic spot in Hunan province where reality did not quite live up to expectation.
The tourist site outside of the city of Chenzhou had been advertising its Sky Mirror with glossy photos of tourists posting against a scenic background with a beautiful blue sky that was mirrored upon the ground in front of them.It was said to feel like you were walking on a cloud.
However, what visitors found when they actually arrived was a large glass platform where the only things that were reflected were the footprints of previous visitors.
Turns out, most of the work for the photos is done in post-production.

Comparison shots went viral this week on Chinese social media, forcing the scenic spot to issue an apology for how it had advertised its Sky Mirror.
It was revealed that the site had agreed to split the proceeds from the tickets sold for the attraction equally with the advertising company responsible for hyping it up.



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