Two men fight to see who can take the more exaggerated fall

While most of the time in fights you are trying to knock your opponent down, two men in the Guangxi city of Nanning took the opposite approach.
Surveillance footage from an apartment building shows a resident arguing with a property management worker. As the resident nudges the worker with his shoulder, the worker proceeds to do a kung fu flick quality tumble to the floor and lies there on his back, pretending to be injured.
However, the worker didnt know who he was messing with. The resident soon strikes back, falling to the floor himself and wailing out hysterically.
Knowing that hes been beaten, the worker gets to his feet and walks over his opponent. Police soon arrived to intervene and mediate.

The footage has gone viral on Chinese social media with netizens joking that the two men would make excellent actors or tai chi students.



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