Woman sends 1 ton of onions to ex-boyfriends door after breakup

After crying for three days following her breakup, a woman tried to give her ex-boyfriend a taste of what she was feeling.
The woman, surnamed Zhao, from the Shandong city of Zibo, ordered one ton of red onions and had them sent to her ex-boyfriends door.
She told the seller that if her ex was not at home, then the sacks of onions should be left on his doorstep with a note reading: You made me cry for three days, now it is your turn!
So, thats exactly what happened. It took the poor delivery guy five hours and 40 separate trips to move all of the onions to the mans doorstep.
Afterward, he told reporters that he wasnt sure if the ex-boyfriend was crying but he certainly was.

Its unclear what the ex-boyfriend plans to do with one ton of onions. Chinese netizens joked that he would be crying all the way to the bank from selling the gift.



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