Woman stopped from entering subway for showing too much shoulder

A woman recently took to social media to complain after she was stopped from entering the subway in Hangzhou because she was wearing a spaghetti strap top.
The woman said that she was trying to get on Hangzhou Metros Line 2 at the Qianjiang Century City station but a female security officer barred her from entry due to her mostly bare shoulders. She had to borrow a friends shirt to finally be allowed in.

After the womans account created a stir online, the head of the station responded to reporters queries by claiming that the security guard had merely given the woman a kind suggestion so that she would not get sick.

While it was a toasty 35 degrees Celsius outside, inside the subway it is much cooler. The guard was apparently worried that the temperature difference might cause the commuter to catch a cold.
Afterward, Hangzhou Metro management gave a more formal answer, stating that while the security guard had acted in good conscious, her actions had still been improper and resulted in a passengers poor experience.
The metro apologized and vowed to strengthen staff training.



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