Wuhan now plans to test all 11 million residents

Wuhan is evidently taking no chances of being hit by a second coronavirus wave and is currently drawing up plans to test all of the citys 11 million residents.
How exactly they propose to do this has not yet been decided.
District governments have been given 10 days to submit details about how they will test residents, according to a report from The Paper which cites a widely circulated internal government document.
While the districts have been tasked with formulating their own plans, the document reminds officials to focus first on older people and densely populated areas with high mobility.
This 10-day big battle directive comes after the reopening of schools, tourist spots, and public transport in the original epicenter of the Covid-19 virus was marred by the emergence of the citys first new coronavirus in more than a month.
The six new cases were all reported in the residential community in the suburban district of Dongxihu. The community has been put on lockdown while close contacts have been traced and put under observation.
While China is known for pulling off large-scale feats, quickly testing 11 million looks to be quite the challenge.
For context, the United States is currently conducting around 300,000 tests a day and has tested 9.6 million people since the pandemic began.
That is the worlds highest test tally. Its unclear how many coronavirus tests China has conducted since the outbreak started since it is the only major country in the world that has not reported that number.
The goal of citywide testing has even prompted a somewhat skeptical article from the nationalistic Global Times tabloid which quotes one local expert as saying that testing everyone would be costly so the testing would likely focus on key at-risk groups.



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