Wuhan reopens signature Yellow Crane Tower to tourists

A little more than three months after going lockdown as the original epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan has reopened one of its most famous tourist attractions.

The Yellow Crane Tower opened to visitors on Friday for the first time since January 23.

For the moment, only part of the tower is open to the public and visitor numbers are limited. Tourists need to make reservations ahead of time and show health codes and have their temperatures taken before gaining entry.

The towers reopening comes as traffic jams have returned to Wuhan and the local government has announced that all Covid-19 patients have been discharged from city hospitals.

After a bit of a false start last month, a good portion of tourist sites in China are now getting back in business  for better or worse.

Beijing has already reopened the Temple of Heaven and plans to open back up the doors of the Forbidden City on Friday.



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