Wuhan students back in school for first time in 3 months

Once the worlds epicenter of the coronavirus, Wuhan is continuing its return to semi-normalcy, allowing some kids to go back to school.
Senior students at 121 high schools and vocational schools returned to campus on Wednesday for the first time in more than three months. They will now have to prepare to take Chinas grueling college entrance exam.
Photos posted online show the schools looking much like those around the rest of China with students wearing masks forced to go through temperature and disinfection checks before heading to class.

Officially, Wuhan has more than 50,000 total coronavirus infections this year to go along with over 3,800 deaths. However, last week, the city announced that not a single Covid-19 patient remained in any of its hospitals.

The citys 76-day travel lockdown came to an end a month ago. Along with high schools, tourist attractions have also reopened and traffic jams have returned to major thoroughfares.



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