Wuhans Happy Valley theme park reopens after almost four months

Despite fears of a second coronavirus wave, Wuhan is continuing with return towards normalcy plans, opening up the citys most popular theme park.

Wuhan Happy Valley welcomed back guests on Tuesday for the first time since the park closed nearly four months ago.

Like Shanghai Disneyland, visitor numbers are being limited at the moment with a cap of just 15,000 people a day, or 30 percent of the parks usual maximum capacity.

All guests are required to wear masks and socially distance from one another. Only the parks outdoor facilities are in operation.

Guests told reporters that they were happy about the parks return, though they found it difficult to scream on roller coasters while wearing masks.

The opening comes after a small coronavirus cluster was discovered at a residential community in suburban Wuhan last week resulting in city officials vowing to test all 11 million Wuhan residents.

So far, authorities have discovered 58 asymptomatic carriers of the virus.



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